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New Student Visa Rules To Create Rental Market Boom

high yielding property investments in the northwest

In September, the Government unveiled its new ‘Graduate Route’ visa initiative, which will allow potentially thousands more international students to remain in the UK for a longer period after graduation. This, in turn, could lead to a boom in the student and young professional rental market.  What is the Graduate Route? Under the current system,…

Tips For Creating a Profitable HMO

liverpool student property investments

Landlords and property investors are increasingly being drawn to HMO properties given their potential for high yields and high occupancy rates. Demand for such properties, which is already impressive in university towns, is set for even further growth following the Government’s recent introduction of the ‘Graduate Route’. But what should potential property investors focus on…

Come to the National Landlord Investment Show

We are exhibiting at the National Landlord Investment Show next week (8th October) and our CEO Mish Liyanage will be making a presentation on “Maximising your return and minimising your risk”. It will be well worth your time to visit, so make a note in your diary and we will see you there.

HMOs: Capitalising on the Student Population

high yielding property investments in Liverpool

Many potential HMO property investors are understandably cautious about letting their properties to students. According to a YouGov survey, 40% of landlords said that they would not do so. However, they may be missing out on lucrative investment opportunities by not capitalising on the student market. Research is Key The majority of student rental properties…