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How To Be A Successful Estate Agent

student property investments in manchester

At Mistoria Group, though we are predominantly experts in student property investments in Manchester, Salford and Liverpool, we are often asked “What makes a good estate agent?”. There isn’t one particular attribute that makes a good agent; a whole range…

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Landlord’s Guide

buy-to-let investment properties

Being a landlord in 2018 isn’t the same as it was (being a landlord) ten years ago, or even two years ago! With ever-changing buy-to-let legislation, whether you are an existing or first-time landlord, there are many recent changes that…

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Why Invest in the North West?

north west hmo property investments

If you live outside of the UK and are an investor looking at the market, you may naturally look first in London. Mistoria believe however that the North West of England and in particular areas such as Salford, Bolton and Liverpool…

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